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My Takeaways from 2015
Here’s hoping each of you enjoyed a joyous holiday season and look forward to 2016 with a renewed sense of hope and enthusiasm both personally and professionally.
For me, I see 2016 through the lens of excitement and the art of the possible informed by my learnings from 2015 which were many and varied:
I continue to affirm my conviction that a well-thought and implemented middle school physics curriculum will provide the academic grist to provide our students every opportunity to become more active participants in the world in which we live. Having the fundamental understanding of how the world around us works is a big leg up for navigating all aspects of our daily lives.
In my conversations with business leaders, their voices are louder than ever in seeking those future employees who come through their front doors with the enthusiasm, critical thinking skills, and ability to operate in an professional environment that will demand the best from each and every one of us. I am more convinced than ever that we are sowing the academic seeds that will go a long way toward addressing this need.
Team Sport is the best moniker I can apply to what I have seen in those communities that implemented our program in 2015. Some combination of education, business, economic and workforce development, and the public sector became the essential ingredients to say this is the right program at the right time. When communities align with their schools, everything is possible.
2016 will find us investing heavily in increasing our ability to enhance our outreach to the benefit of our youth and communities. Thank you for your ongoing support and please accept my best wishes for the New Year.
With appreciation,

October 2015

Message from CEO

With the new school year in full swing, we are proud to share that our portfolio of participating schools as swelled to 28 with six new schools in Grand Junction, CO and five schools in VanWert and Delphos, Ohio starting this fall.

What makes these additions all the more special is the collective energy of business, economic development, the public sector and the schools themselves all with an eye toward a brighter future for their youth and their communities. When all is said and done, if we can provide middle school students a better understanding of how the world around them works, it is fair to say they will make better choices both professionally and personally in their lives.

For all of you that have played key roles in allowing us to serve approximately 7,700 students, a heartfelt thank you is in order. We are more convinced than ever that the future is bright for our organization yet knowing none of this would be possible without advocates such as yourselves. Our ability to grow our model is best served by referrals from those such as yourselves who have experienced first hand what this means for students and communities alike.

With appreciation,


August 2014

Message from the Board Chair and CEO

In August of 2012 I was approached with the concept of placing physics in all middle schools in the country. Nearly two years, 2,000 students and two states later, that concept has become a reality to the benefit of students and communities alike.

I would like to add a special thank you to those schools who displayed the leadership and foresight to incorporate our curriculum along with our business partners who made so much of this possible. Likewise, a big thank you is in order to our dedicated staff who is literally plowing new ground each and every day to sustain and build on the great start we have enjoyed.

To those of you reading this note who have the ability to influence schools in your region to consider this program, I would encourage you to do so. It ranks amongst the greatest gifts we can give to our communities. And, to those of you that are in communities enjoying the fruits of these efforts, please make sure to take a moment to recognize and applaud the efforts of those who made it happen for they are the true heroes.

With appreciation and in hopes for a brighter future for our youth.

Jim Johnson


Message from the CEO

At some risk for recognizing a person who does not seek the limelight, I wish to add both my voice and thanks to Jim Johnson, our board chair, for his extraordinary personal commitment to our youth. On more than one occasion, Jim has shared what intrigued him about our program was that we were actually doing the work rather than talking about it. I would like to extend Jim’s comments to those schools and business partners who are clearly the “doers” in this journey and achieving results even we may not have envisioned.

A few week’s back I attended a presentation on what soon promises to be an Earthship Village east of Colorado Springs. In lay person terms, Earthships are homes that exist “off the grid.” Michael Reynolds, the visionary and principle enabler of the Earthship concept, addressed the attendees to describe the attributes of these homes. Here is one of my many takeaways from Michael’s presentation: I dont design these homesrather they design themselves from their encounter with physics! 

 With rare exception, the more I listen the more I learn how fully informed our lives are by this branch of science. Thank you for taking this journey with us…this would not be possible without your support and advocacy.

With best wishes…Dave

January 2014

After just a bit more than a year in operation, See The Change USA is starting to spread its wings. This month we will have our curriculum in our first out of state school, Sacred Heart Catholic School (formally Gallup Catholic School) in Gallup, NM.  At the same time we expect the New Mexico state legislature to support multiple pilot programs across the state by way of an appropriations bill that will be introduced this month.  On a parallel track we are submitting a Request for Proposal (RFP) to the state of Iowa in support of their Scale Up program. We will know the results of our bid in February and are in high hopes we will find ourselves operating in numerous classrooms across the state in the upcoming school year. Finally, we will be introducing our program to decision makers in Texas beginning with San Antonio this coming March.

 Our current activities find us in seven schools, spanning three cities in Colorado with approximately 1,600 middle schoolers learning “what makes the world tick.” A heartfelt thank you is in order to our customers.  Their steady stream of feedback helps us enhance our offerings in addition to their full support and alignment with our strategic vision. These seven schools are a blend of public, charter and parochial…a great mix.

Finally to those many businesses that have provided us operational support, thank you. Because of you we are ready, willing and able to go anywhere in the United States because of this support.

None of this would be possible without a best-in-class staff, board of directors, and advisory board who lend a steady hand to our journey. And, speaking of our journey, we remain more resolute than ever that we hold one of the primary keys to reversing the decade’s long, negative performance trend of our students vis-a-vis their peers in other industrialized countries.

Please accept my best wishes for a wonderful 2014. In an article I just read, think of the new year as freshly fallen snow. Every footprint we make is new and unique and this is our chance to make a positive mark on our children, our educators, our communities and our nation.

Fall 2013

As students begin another school year, See The Change USA, could not be happier than to find ourselves in three Colorado Communities, six schools, and serving nearly 2,000 students in grades six through eight.  To those that are taking this journey with us, thank you! To those that are considering this opportunity, we are but a phone call or email away!

As I mentioned in my Summer 2013 comments, we are working diligently to build a platform to hold our content that is accessible anywhere in the nation and that will, in the not too distant future, be the platform to hold the videos teachers will use to prepare their Physics lessons. As a taste of what these might look like, here is a link to a beta video that will provide you a sense of our brand, our brand promise, and an insight into the ease of this curriculum for our middle schoolers:

See the Change – Lesson 6

Finally, I would like to share with you some outcome testimonials from the two schools that used our curriculum this past academic year…

“Harrison (Colorado Springs School District 2) conducts a number of assessments to show mastery of concepts, subject matter assessments and growth assessments.  These measurements are all designed to see whether or not students are growing to be better prepared for the next grade and/or stage in life.

The state has several measures as well.  The one that notes growth of students is called the Median Growth Percentage.  Low growth is 1-34; Median growth is 35 – 65; and High growth is 66 & above.  This past year – Carmel Middle School’s growth was 72.  Although the TCAP scores were not stellar performance – the growth rate is exceptional  – we grew students more than 1 grade level.  This is significant since many of our students come to our schools – 2 and 3 grade levels behind.” – Deborah Hendrix, President HSD2 – Board of Education

“…We only had four months of implementation…and on ITBS our students grew by two years across all three grade levels in science. 

It was unbelievable growth  but beyond the test scores it was the inquiry that our students then had, they were still actively engaged in their own learning.” – Kimberly Schindler, Principal – Corpus Christi Catholic School

Wishing each of you the very best the future has to offer…Dave


Summer 2013

Back in August of 2012 as we began our purposeful journey to place physics in all middle school classrooms across the nation, little did we know how many learning’s would also accrue to the staff and board of the foundation. It would be an understatement to share that we benefitted every bit as much as the students taking our curriculum!

As of this writing we are winding down the 2012-2013 academic year where a public and parochial school partnered with us to the benefit of over 500 children. I would ask that you visit our Videos link and listen to the outcomes offered by Andre Spencer, Superintendent of Colorado Springs, Harrison District 2 and Kim Schindler, Principal of Corpus Christi Catholic School. You will see, first hand, through their passion and conviction that we are achieving our intended purpose.

Looking ahead to this coming fall, the Leadville, Colorado Lake County Middle School will join us along with a charter school in Colorado Springs, The Academy for Advanced and Creative Learning. In addition, we are in active conversations with school districts both inside and outside of Colorado who we anticipate joining these organizations.

If anyone would or could have forecasted how far we have come in such a short amount of time I would have been skeptical at best. That said, the testimonials shared in our suite of videos tell the story for us. Not only is this about the child in the school setting, it is also clearly about that child’s future in his or her community and the ability to Career Pathway that student into the work force in the most efficient and effective manner possible. To this end, you will note several Business Partners on this website who have stepped up to the plate to sponsor schools with this clear alignment in mind.

As of this writing we are building our virtual platform that will allow teachers, no matter where they are located, to access the curriculum and parallel instructional videos to allow them to train their students with no prior knowledge of physics required. We are working hard to get this to our school partners as soon as possible.  This platform breaks down the geographical barriers that otherwise might have hindered our ability to grow smartly on your behalf.

We welcome your comments, questions, inquiries and, yes, support. Please do not hesitate to drop us a line or a phone call …we would love to hear from you!



Join Our Mission

You might be wondering what is See The Change USA and why you should support it. Simply put, this is a “game changer” for our communities, our states and our nation. In summary, it is about getting physics into grades 6, 7 and 8. As an example, and using our most conservative estimates, in our home town of Colorado Springs and home state of Colorado we will endeavor to have 25,000 middle schoolers in Colorado Springs exposed to this fundamental discipline within four years, and 180,000 statewide within ten years!

From an economic development/vitality way forward, no other vehicle will carry the weight of this initiative in such a relatively short period of time. On a parallel track and as our journey unfolds, we intend to export this product across the nation leveling the international game board by organically seeding the production of engineers and other science-related disciplines. No matter where you are reading this website from, this is also about you, your community and your state and, to that end, please do not hesitate to contact us.

When I first met my colleague, Dr. Anatoliy Glushchenko, he shared his professional journey with me and burdened his conversation with the fact that our model is already in existence in our peer countries in Europe and Asia. My reaction, which may parallel yours, was what happened in our country? I am not sure I could reverse engineer this topic sufficiently to answer that question but I can certainly articulate the value of the way forward. I sincerely hope you will take this journey with us. Please also do not hesitate to weigh in on this topic on our Facebook or Twitter sites…this is a journey of many.

With sincere appreciation, in advance, for joining hands with us as we change the face of our nation in this regard.


"This country’s competitiveness depends upon the difficult work of fundamentally transforming public education.”
-Senator Michael F. Bennet


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