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samMy name is Sam Hoeffel. I am 12 years old. I find physics to be extremely interesting. I am privileged to study physics at After School University with an interesting curriculum taught by a teacher who utilizes his great sense of humor to bring the subject to life for me. I have thoroughly enjoyed studying physics.

I love an opportunity of studying physics at my age mostly because I just love physics. I have been fascinated with the fact that every atom, literally everything, is 99.9% empty space! I am fascinated by how black holes work, how they such the space around the light into the hole so that the speed of light doesn’t actually increase, which would break the law that nothing can move faster than the speed of light. I think it is cool that humans are magnets and waves! And I think it is just plain awesome that we never actually touch anything because the electrons in the atoms of our skin repel each other. Studying physics just makes me happy!

Everything about physics interests me, but I am particularly excited to learn more about quantum mechanics and light. I have some interesting ideas, such as uses for a generated electron field, but need to learn more before I can figure out if and how they would be possible. I am so happy I have an opportunity to study a subject I love!


Sam is just one of many students that are benefiting from taking Physics as a separate discipline at an early age. He is only 12. He is planning to go to MIT and be one of the frontier engineers. Imagine what Sam will contribute to society when he grows up!

“Physics is really really cool!
Physics is everything!
Physics is how the
universe works!”
– Sam


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