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As a student: share this opportunity with your parents and ask them to play an active role in your community by encouraging your school district to contact our organization.

As a parent: start talking this up in your community and in your school system. Every day that goes by is a lost opportunity.

As an educator: contact us or one of our participating schools and begin the dialogue on how to place this curriculum in your school(s) in a timely manner. If you need a sponsor business, please let your desires be known.

As a business owner: sponsor a school or a school district. As shared in our Impact link, this is all about connecting today’s youth with tomorrow’s work force, your work force, in the most efficient manner possible.

As an economic developer:  an available workforce has become the most critical piece in attracting and retaining business.  You can help your community to start growing local talent from within TODAY!

As a public servant: this is a primary driver for economic vitality in your region. Include it in your community planning efforts.

As a concerned citizen: any advocacy and/or financial support is appreciated as that goes directly to the benefit of the end user…the student.

Like this program, want it for your child? Your school? Your district? Your state?

For more information, contact us.

Employment Opportunities

See The Change USA Foundation is always excited to work with dynamic, energetic, self-motivated, and knowledgeable individuals to achieve our mission and provide the opportunity to foster Science & Engineering talent in the United States.

We are a non-profit organization with a strong work ethic, challenging objectives, and a talented and dedicated team. See The Change USA is a great place to work; we are growing and, as we grow, new opportunities arise.

Check back frequently for new job opportunities or send your resume to

Job Announcement

See The Change USA is currently seeking an Executive Vice President

Position Description: See The Change USA Executive Vice President


Founded in 2012, See The Change USA (STCUSA) is passionate about providing the opportunity for middle school students across the united states to be exposed to a rigorous and well- thought physics curriculum spanning up to three middle school grades. To insure our success, we have developed a cloud-based platform that provides middle school teachers all the resources required to educate their students on the science of physics. Our potential customer base includes all middle schools in the United States.


See The Change USA has been growing steadily and is now seeking to smartly accelerate that growth to the benefit of our nation’s youth. The Executive Vice President (EVP) must be a leader who is able to help others, both within and outside of STCUSA, deliver measurable, cost-effective results that allow our vision to become a reality. While it is essential that the EVP bring efficient and effective oversight to increase the productivity of the organization, is it also critical that the team retain the creative spark that drives STCUSA.


Reporting to the President & CEO of See The Change USA, the EVP will lead operations, mar- keting and business development and will have the following responsibilities:

  1. Work in partnership with the President & CEO and staff to maintain the strategic direc- tion of the organization and implement new processes and approaches to achieve it.
  1. Continue to advocate and align the organization’s strategy/mission to the staff, and im- plement all appropriate management and leadership practices to align personnel with company goals.
  1. In coordination with the President & CEO maintain, monitor and, as necessary, adjust staffing to fulfill organizational
  1. Develop and maintain a suite of performance measures (dashboard) for the operation in the form of graphics/data relevant to both staff and
  1. In collaboration with the President & CEO, inform the STCUSA board of directors at quarterly meetings and respond to board inquiries as needed
  1. Impact the profitability of the company through ensuring strategic, tactical management decisions and new business development results
  1. Develop and lead the Business Development function in sourcing, managing and implementing new business opportunities
  1. Ensure efficient and effective marketing, advertising and promotional planning
  1. Maintain and develop organizational culture, values and reputation in its markets and with all staff, customers, suppliers, partners and regulatory/official bodies

Personal Attributes 

  • Proven leadership skills
  • Works well in both process driven and ambiguous environments
  • Teambuilder
  • Strategic Thinker
  • Demonstrated budgeting and cash flow skills
  • Results Driven
  • Places a premium on effective communication
  • Values transparency, trust and respect
  • Exhibits a customer centric approach to business
  • Demonstrated business development success
  • Experience in workforce and economic development a plus
  • Start-up experience beneficial
  • Nonprofit experience helpful


  • Post secondary degree or ten years of equivalent experience.


Salary dependent on skills, qualifications, and experience.

To Apply

Submit resume and cover letter with salary expectations via email to the search coordinator :

R L Scott Consulting, email:

Applications will be accepted until the position is filled.

See The Change USA is an equal opportunity employer. We do not discriminate against applicants on the basis of age, race, sex, color, religion, national origin, disabilities, genetic information or any other applicable status protected by federal, state or local laws.

“This country’s competitiveness depends upon the difficult work of fundamentally transforming public education.”
-Senator Michael F. Bennet


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