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7,700 Students and Growing!

See The Change USA is committed to raise the United States Science & Engineer talent by starting from middle school and rapidly improving the students’ level of achievement in science and mathematics to out-perform global competition.

What is the impact of See The Change USA’s work?

Speaking for the Founders, Board and Staff of See The Change USA, in the earliest stages of our evolution we quickly came to the realization we were on to something very special that addressed the needs of multiple stakeholders.

First, our most precious resource, our children. As the proverbial saying goes, we don’t know what we don’t know? Put another way, aligning the opportunity to study physics with the intellectual, filter free environment of middle school yields the perfect environment to seed a foundation for future academic and lifelong learning pursuits. Several of our colleagues have told us that physics provided them the vehicle to understand precisely how this wonderful world in which we live and work operates…no matter their occupation. More than one referred to their understanding of this science as a seminal moment in their lives!

Second, the energy underpinning the vibrancy of our nation can be reduced to two words, work force. The demands in the work place when yours truly entered did not place the premium on the nexus between critical thinking and problem solving skills we see today. The See The Change USA experience will provide employers with the human capital necessary to advance our economic growth and vitality, it is just that simple.

The alignment between the aforementioned factors is beautiful in its simplicity: kindle the intellectual curiosity of our future innovators (our middle school children), open the aperture to extend that curiosity through high school, trade schools and/or college, and provide our employers with employees fully equipped to perform and achieve their best and highest outcomes.

Many of the projects are already underway, showing significant results. See The Change USA curriculum and vision has been implemented in small business setting and after-school programs through After School University since 2010. Over 450 students have gone through the program and have shown outstanding results.

Started in the fall semester of 2012, Carmel Middle School, one of the at-risk schools of the Harrison School District 2 Colorado Springs, CO, introduced Physics based on See The Change USA curriculum as a separate subject starting from grade 6 and continuing all the way through the middle school and high school. A special thank you is in order to Superintendent Mike Miles, who had approved and supported this project.

Implemented in January 2013 Corpus Christi School in Colorado Springs, CO was very excited to partner with us and  introduced and rolled out See The Change USA Physics curriculum. Physics was introduced as a separate discipline to all 6th,7th, and 8th grade students.

Fall 2013 Lake County Middle School in Leadville, CO partnered with us and implemented See The Change USA Physics curriculum and professional development program to all of their 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students.

Fall 2013 Academy for Advanced and Creative Learning in Colorado Springs, CO partnered with us and implemented See The Change USA Physics curriculum and professional development program to all of their 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grade students.

Fall 2013 Roncalli STEM Academy in Pueblo, CO partnered with us and implemented See The Change USA Physics curriculum and professional development program to their 6th grade students.

Octoberl 2013 Chavez Huerta K-12 Preparatory Academy in Pueblo, CO partnered with us and is implementing See The Change USA Physics curriculum and professional development program to their 6th, 7th and 8th grade students.

“Harrison (Colorado Springs School District 2) conducts a number of assessments to show mastery of concepts, subject matter assessments and growth assessments.  These measurements are all designed to see whether or not students are growing to be better prepared for the next grade and/or stage in life.

The state has several measures as well.  The one that notes growth of students is called the Median Growth Percentage.  Low growth is 1-34; Median growth is 35 – 65; and High growth is 66 & above.  This past year – Carmel Middle School’s growth was 72.  Although the TCAP scores were not stellar performance – the growth rate is exceptional  – we grew students more than 1 grade level.  This is significant since many of our students come to our schools – 2 and 3 grade levels behind.” – Deborah Hendrix, President HSD2 – Board of Education

“…We only had four months of implementation…and on ITBS our students grew by two years across all three grade levels in science.

It was unbelievable growth  but beyond the test scores it was the inquiry that our students then had, they were still actively engaged in their own learning.” – Kimberly Schindler, Principal – Corpus Christi Catholic School

Economic Development – Community Survival

“In an economy destined to run increasingly short of technical talent this program has the potential to make the difference between your community being a place employers want to be and those they want to leave.” – Mark Lautman, Author, Speaker, Economic Architect

“After experiencing this organization’s work first-hand and its impact on student and teacher content knowledge I am impressed with the depth of knowledge and competency that students demonstrate after being taught the curriculum.” – David H. Khaliqi, CSTEME Director, University of Colorado Colorado Springs

“I believe if we show students this exiting material, they will rise to the occasion and succeed. Physics is fast-paced and exciting. All students should get the opportunity to explore the way the world works, ask questions, and get answers. We are on a team that believes in students at a school that believes in students. If we can show our students what this world of science is about they will explore and dream and achieve.” – Raychel Greenfield, Physics Teacher, Carmel Middle School

“Our daughter thought she was terrible with math. We have really been amazed at how she is progressing through pre-algebra. She has gone from hating math to a real understanding, and she almost admitted that it is fun! I would highly recommend this program to any students who are struggling or think that math is not their strong subject.– it is a real confidence-booster. Priceless!” –Barbara, whose daughter is enrolled in a pre-algebra class

“I thought it was going to be super hard … but it actually came down and aligned to our level of learning… and it was really cool to be able to be able to do it.” – Kamryn Schindler, 8th Grade Student Graduate

Joseph’s school does not have programs for kids like Joseph. They have accommodated him a little in Math, but he had no place to go for his desire to learn more. Joseph knows he is different, and sometimes he has accepted it and sometimes it makes him very sad – especially when he gets so bored with the tedious homework and classes. Over the past few weeks, before Joseph started the Physics and Computer Programming program at After School University, he was even sobbing at night; it was so boring and long.

The After School University program has allowed Joseph to meet with other people like him, and he feels accepted and enjoys the program immensely. Joseph is blessed with a love of learning, and he and I see this program as a way to help him meet his potential and enjoy it too! I am very serious when I say that I could tell Joseph was heading toward a crisis. – Sandra, Parent

“The very first night Bailey came home, she was very excited and jazzed about this learning opportunity. Bailey is generally does not say much, but every time she comes home after her Physics classes she goes into great detail about what she learned. The decision to attend Physics and Computer Programming classes and continue going has all been Bailey’s decision. She looks forward to the nights she has at After School University. ”

In her own words, the program has “offered me a challenge in an area that really interests me.” Additional, she stated, “I really enjoy the hands-on technology and not just learning out of a textbook.”

As parents, we see this as an opportunity to challenge her and explore the engineering career field. Additionally, it provides her with knowledge and experience to ensure this is really the career field she would like to pursue.” Chris, Parent

“This program provides an amazing opportunity to really connect science and math from a young age. Combined with the large amount of collaboration [with Dr. Glushchenko and the team] that have already occurred, I believe that we can really encourage students to pursue fields in physics, engineering , and other sciences.” – Shaun Cook, Physics Teacher, Carmel Middle School

We want to work with you!

Your students’ and your school’s achievement is our top priority!

In recent studies with our top students of the United States scoring below 26 counties in mathematics and below 21 countries in science as well as, 40% of students dropping out of science and engineering majors within the first one to two years of study tells us the long-term prosperity of our Nation will increasingly rely on talented and motivated individuals who will embrace the vanguard of scientific and technological innovation.

Every student in the U.S. deserves the opportunity to achieve his or her full potential.

See The Change USA focuses on introducing Physics and Computer Programming as separate disciplines starting from middle school. Physics is the most fundamental science discipline and introducing the subject in high school is just too late!

The Future:

The administration is investing $1Billion in schools, the plan is to create an elite corps of master teachers to boost United States student’s achievement and reward top teachers with salary stipends. Providing Physics and Computer Programming at an early age is crucial to your student’s success. It assures:

  • Links students to the real world
  • To rapidly improve level of students’ achievements in Science and Mathematics to out-perform global competition
  • To create the strongest pipeline for American S&E qualified professionals to sustain the level of innovation that the industries demand today and in the future

Now about the program:

We’ve made it easy for you to implement the program into your school/district. It’s a full program that’s cost effective. The program provides:

  • Curriculum
  • Model of assessment
  • Model of teachers preparation
  • A class by class sequence of topics to teach
  • Specialized textbooks or extensive teacher handouts
  • Student handouts
  • A complete program set of problems to solve during the class time, with solutions and explanations
  • Homework for each class
  • A bank of tests and quizzes
  • Charts and diagrams to show the students during the class time
  • Power point presentations which would assist the teacher in the teaching process
  • Detailed description of hands-on demonstrations for each class

See what our teachers are saying from our work already underway (first tab above). Get this program implemented in your school today!

Your child’s achievement is our top priority!

We know that education is one of the most fundamental methods of change. It opens people’s minds to new ideas and cultivates skills and passions. Education is vital for our world to continue moving forward – and in this age of technological innovation, it is especially necessary in the fields of science & engineering.

As parents, we want the best for our kids. We want them to succeed in life, support themselves and find their passions. We want them to have every opportunity available and for them to reach their true potential.

There is a lack of qualified science & engineering professionals in our workforce to satisfy the industry needs. According to recent studies, students in other countries are outperforming our highest-achieving students. Our 15 year old U.S. top students (students in the 90th percentile) scored below their peers in 26 countries on mathematics literacy and below 21 countries on science literacy.

We are not reinventing the wheel; we are not forcing children to become science & engineers. We are just introducing physics, a fundamental science discipline in middle school age children just like the foreign counties do so we can give our children every opportunity.

What does this mean? When we introduce students to physics in their later academic years when they get to the University level more than 40% of the students in the U.S. who start as engineering and science majors end up switching to other majors or even dropping out of school. This means we as a nation must rely heavily on foreign-born science & engineering talent.

The lack of qualified Science & Engineer professionals in the workforce is a real problem and has effects on us regionally, statewide and nationally. Take Colorado for instance, according to the Colorado Department of Education (2012) and George Town University, Center on Education and Workforce (2012), by 2018 Colorado will experience 57,000 shortage in Science & engineering professionals!

If you are interested in learning more about how this program can help your child and their school. Please contact us.

"This country’s competitiveness depends upon the difficult work of fundamentally transforming public education.”
- Senator Michael F. Bennet


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