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See The Change USA suggests a new approach for rapid development of S&E professionals focusing on:

Introducing Physics as Separate Subjects in Middle Schools.


  1. Physics is the most fundamental science discipline. It is the science that leads to all other sciences. Understanding key areas of physics (Mechanics, Material Structure, Electricity and Magnetism, Optics, Nuclear & Anatomic Physics, and Modern Physics) allows the deepest understanding of how the world around us works, and develops a foundation for strong analytical and research skills. Many amazing initiatives have been launched to spark curiosity and excitement about science. Studying physics turns excitement into real knowledge and ensures there are enough qualified graduates to fill in critical engineering positions: mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, and others. Connecting physics with computer programming, mathematics, chemistry, and biology completes the full package required to succeed in college and beyond.
  2. The key reason that determines the success of S&E leading countries (South Korea, Japan, Finland, France, Germany, Canada, and England) is an implementation of rigorous core science disciplines (physics, computer programming, and chemistry) starting in middle school. For example, France, Germany, and England offer extensive physics programs starting from grade 6, computer programming classes starting from grade 7, and chemistry starting from grade 8. Introducing these crucial disciplines in high school is just too late.

Simply put, See The Change USA – The Road Not Taken looks like this:

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“After experiencing this organization’s work first-hand and its impact on student and teacher content knowledge I am impressed with the depth of knowledge and competency that students demonstrate after being taught the curriculum.”
– David H. Khaliqi,
CSTEME Director, University of Colorado Colorado Springs


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