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Heather Webb
Heather WebbCEO and President
Heather approaches this work with integrity, optimism, and urgency. When she’s not at work, she enjoys outdoor adventures with her husband and two boys. She strives to promote confidence and wellness in her community’s children through coaching a CrossFit class specifically designed for families. Her ultimate goal is to remove the barriers that hold children back from reaching their full potential. Speaking of potential, Heather’s interest in physics stems from a love of biomechanics and desire to maximize the body’s ability to do work.
Maria Feekes
Maria FeekesCOO
Originally from Russia, Maria grew up in an educational system quite different from the one in the United States. When her daughter went to school, she noticed the level of rigor and critical-thinking requirements, specifically in math and science, was lagging in the U.S. compared to the world’s best practices. Helping kids advance in STEM areas became a passion of hers. With courage, persistence, and creativity, anything is possible. Physics, to Maria, is an endless gate of possibilities. It is unbelievable how much physics helps us understand our amazing world and discover solutions to unprecedented problems.
Spencer Downing
Spencer DowningExecutive Vice President
Spencer started his career in education teaching 8th-grade physical science as part of the charter corps of Teach For America. His favorite lab taught students measurement and velocity calculation through bug races. It wasn’t pretty nor clean, but it was fun. He believes kids build their skills and enthusiasm through hands-on learning. He’s also convinced that works even better when everyone’s having fun. When he’s not working to change the world one meeting at a time, he’s dragging his wife and daughters to museums, filling their house with vinyl, or making them listen to yet another radio show.
Nathan Hamilton
Nathan HamiltonDevelopment Strategy
Nate’s extensive financial background, never-quit attitude and excitement for life provides an endless supply of positive energy. And that energy proves helpful on a daily basis in chasing his two young boys as they explore the ever-expanding world around them. Each week he is afforded the opportunity to participate in one of his most rewarding activities, volunteer coaching a CrossFit class for the residents at the Charlotte Rescue Mission. All of these activities stem from a desire to provide a constant example of service to others for his sons. Nate is fascinated with science and the relationship between gravity and his boys frequent trips to Urgent Care. Never ceases to amaze…
Vincent Weiss
Vincent WeissManager of Product and Training Development
Vincent is an unrelenting idealist who brings a sense of mysticism mixed with optimism to the team. If you have the patience to wait for him to speak his mind, he might just surprise you with what he says. In his free time, he enjoys hiking and making videos. One of his life goals is to write a book to help someone be the best version that he or she can be. Vincent is also a little obsessed with the relationship between math and science. There is really something beautiful about the ability and simplicity of mathematics to describe parts and pieces of nature.
Jessica Rizzo
Jessica RizzoManager of Programs
Jessica strives to live every day as an outgoing, compassionate, and honest member of our team. When not working, Jessica applies her fiery personality to many different types of dance and trying new restaurants with her husband. Jessica and her husband plan to travel the United States, stopping for a bite to eat in all 50 states. Despite her love of checklists and organizational folders with tabs, Jessica’s favorite scientific concept is the Second Law of Thermodynamics, Entropy; the tendency of all things to move towards disorder.
Sean O’brien
Sean O’brienIntern
Sean approaches his work with optimism, perseverance, and kindness. The two things he enjoys doing most outside of work is playing games with friends and reading. One of his main goals in life is to learn everything he can about the world and spread that knowledge to the people who need it most. His favorite thing about science is how much there is to learn and experience by asking just one question.

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