Interview with a Teacher: Trish Salas

What changes have you made to any of the STC-provided ideas for any of the above, in order to use in your classroom?

I have been using Google Classroom to facilitate many of my lessons. When using a See the Change lesson I primarily use the Teacher Background Info as the framework for a text that I create for my students to use as an introduction to the content. This way the students have that basic information that leaves them in a much better position to have a meaningful experience with whichever practice activity I choose to have them participate in.

What is your students’ involvement/engagement like with STC-provided activities?

I use the lessons as a starting point for the planning of what is implemented in my class. I choose the lessons that are related to the content that I am expected to teach my students (what will be assessed on their standardized tests). My students are familiar with the curriculum name, and (for the most part) they find success with the STC activities that I have used. I have not used every single lesson and activity provided within the curriculum, but rather have chosen to use the ones that I know were appropriate and meaningful to my particular students.

What are your students’ favorite physics activities?

My students are fans of the activities that incorporate both the ability to do something “fun” but also something they find success in completing and understanding.

Anything else you’d like to share?

I am very comfortable in developing lessons and activities that are specific to the needs of my students. That being said – I have not simply printed an STC lesson plan and tried to implement it as it is presented. As an educator, I feel it is my responsibility to use resources in the best way possible to accommodate my students and my specific circumstances. To expect that the lessons be ready to use right off the screen is not realistic to the successful facilitation of a classroom with real students. Many of my peers have this misguided expectation of this curriculum – I do not, because I believe that we are being provided with a good framework to work with and modification is always a necessary part of planning for your class. Due to assessment expectations I have not been able to use all the lessons provided through STC, but not provided that limitation I do feel that the lessons and activities that are provided are a useful resource for any educator.

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