Transforming Teaching with the NGSS Framework

This workshop gives teachers practical, hands-on strategies for reshaping their teaching practices using the NGSS framework. Like all See The Change workshops, it is rooted in usable activities. In this case, however, the emphasis is on pedagogy and approach rather than physical science core ideas. The workshop demonstrates how using the three dimensions of [...]

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The Basics of Force and Motion

This workshop gives teachers practical activities for discovering core ideas related to motion and forces. The activities build skills in science and engineering practices with emphasis on the ability to develop models, and then plan and carry out investigations to test those models. Important core ideas include: speed and acceleration, gravitational forces, gravitational interactions, [...]

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Investigating the Fundamentals of Energy

This workshop demonstrates how hands-on activities lead students to understand the relationships that exist between speed, mass, position, and energy. The activities also develop skills in science and engineering practices with the greatest emphasis on their ability to plan and carry out investigations. Important core ideas include: Potential and kinetic energy; conservation of energy; [...]

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